Friday, 22 February 2013

Tri-ang Minix Vehicles. Rovex.

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Tri-ang Minix Vehicles

RC1 Ford Anglia
RC2 Morris 1000
RC3 Vauxhall Viva
RC4 Triumph 2000
RC5 Austin A60
RC6 Ford Corsair
RC7 Sunbeam Alpine
RC8 Hillman Minx
RC9 Simca 1300
RC10 Hillman Imp
RC11 Vauxhall Victor
RC12 Austin 1800
RC13 Ford Thames Van
RC14 AEC Bus
RC15 Vauxhall Cresta
RC16 Caravan
RC17 Rambler Classic

Minix Triumph 2000

Minix, a range of 17 small plastic vehicles, were first introduced by the Tri-ang Company in 1964. Production continued into the 1970's. The range was intended primarily for use with OO scale model railways and many were supplied with various items of rolling stock. Minix were also supplied individually boxed as well as in twin packs. An example of the packaging used for individual vehicles is shown below. Initially the bases of the vehicles, which included mouldings of bumper grill etc., were chrome plated. After 1972 bases were produced in plain plastic.

Tri-ang / Rovex Minix Catalogue added to the reference resources.

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