Thursday, 10 January 2013

TRESCO 'The Submarine' & 'The Diver' Bath Toys

Here are two vintage toys that were regular stocking fillers during my early childhood in the 1960's. They were great fun in the bath. They both work in the same way, you suck on the plastic tube to make them sink and blow to make them surface. They are very simple, cheap, ephemeral toys that must of been produced in large quantities. Of course that means they are pretty hard to find now, forty years later, especially in their original boxes. I've noticed that they are picking up fairly substantial prices at auction.

Both toys were produced by Tresco Plastics Ltd., who appear to have been based near Northampton (U.K.), and who don't seem to have produced any other similar items. The only other toys I have discovered are an interlocking clear plastic puzzle called 'The Mystic Star' and some 'Alpha-Beta' alphabet teaching sets.

I should be making some scans of the boxes available soon for a very nominal price so that anyone interested can make up a copy box for their collection. Let me know if you're interested.